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"" posts impromptu videos that gives voice to those who are willing to exercise their first amendment right without fear of negative socio-political back-lash. We hope to inspire critical thinking and conversations concerning policy implications that continue to affect African American daily life. This season people will talk about racial integration in America in its aftermath. So don't forget to share, subscribe, and please, leave a comment. Thank you!


White CPAC Participant prefers racial segregation.

Reality speaks!!!!

CPAC Participant Defends Slavery At Minority Outreach Panel: It Gave ‘Food And Shelter’ To Blacks

My desire for this category /Racial Integration, was to interview a spectrum of reasoning that represent American thought on the subject. It was difficult to find White Americans that would speak on this issue. However I did find this CPAC video. I am for one, glad that he spoke up and out for what he believes. And I am certain that there is more to his controversial mindset. Still, I would rather face him than those who pretend not to be racist separatists.

Racial Integration…An Equal Opportunity Employer?

Did the racial integration mandate  encourage a proportioned and divers workforce?  Even after the Civil Rights movement, we still find American employers making economic decisions based on race. Do American empoyers organize their work force to generate or reduce workplace discrimination and economic inequality. In the video below, two men speak out on how race based decisions effect equal opportunity employment.

Racial Integration…The Elusion of Inclusion.

Okay! It is written; “and I will scatter you among the heathens and disperse you throughout the lands.” Many times, I have heard this passage without giving full attention to the scope and magnitude of this punishment.  What happens to a nation disseminated throughout other nations? Are they easily conquered due to socio-cultural divisions? Will they make daily decisions based on the elusion of inclusion? Does this make it hard for them to realize the moral need to unify as a separate people? So…This is the reality of the Trans-Atlantic Offspring.

The woman in the video above is an educator. She raises two politically incorrect issues concerning “Black” America. She highlights the loss of Black identity through racial integration and loss of ownership due to lack of comm-unity. She is asked–Can we recover? Her answer will astound you.


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